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SharePoint Workflow Task Reassignment June 26, 2009

Filed under: SharePoint — fmuntean @ 4:37 pm

How to implement task reassignment inside SharePoint Workflow when you have a lot of tasks.

The problem: “Find a method to enable users to reassign tasks using a friendly method.”

The solution: “Add a link on the task edit page that points to another page that will do the reassignment”.


Now that being said I will always recommend that you don’t change any out of the box files in SharePoint.

So how we can do it? Easy.

Implement a custom Content Type derived either from the Task Content Type or InfoPath Task Content Type and redefine the edit page with your own. From here everything is peanuts and a lot of implementation work.

You can control the link to reassigned the task using extended properties. and can return extra information like comments and user id who reassigned the task into extended properties too.

As from the reassign aspx page you have direct access to the task item you can change security too right there.

Just be careful when and how you update the task item so you don’t get more than one task changed event back to the workflow or event receivers.


4 Responses to “SharePoint Workflow Task Reassignment”

  1. Flash Says:

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

  2. Kerstin-Rouletes Says:

    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  3. shiva Says:

    I am tryin to implement a custom multilevel approval workflow which assigns a task to project managers 4 document approval.. the workflow was workin fine until recently i tried to implement Modification Forms. they dint work, so i removed it.. and suddenly now I m meetin with dis problem. everytym i edit the task that has been assigned, I get another mail sayin “task has been reassigned”. What might be the problem…? I have developed the entire workflow again, but the problem persists… I am at a loss bcos it is workin fine for any other workflows i have developed. but this particular workflow always shows up this problem, no matter how many times i redo the entire stuff…

    kindly help..


  4. fmuntean Says:

    I have worked with Shiva offline and fixed his issue.
    I want to point out the issue here so other people will not run into it again:

    when you create a new task please make sure that you assign a new GUID to that task during the task creation. If you try to reuse the same GUID you will run into the “task has been reassigned” issue as Shiva above.

    Hope this helps shading some light into the problem above.

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