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SharePoint for Project Managers March 11, 2011

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We are currently using SharePoint for many things like collaboration, portal, custom solutions, requirements gathering and project management.

As our current usage of SharePoint for project management is not public and process heavy I looked around and find a good blog about how to use SharePoint for Project Management. The following posts are not only doing that, but actually they provide a great step by step introduction to the world of PMs.

So if you are a beginner and want to learn more about PM or you are an expert in using Microsoft Project  but want to learn how SharePoint can help you to make others understand the complex plan that you put together follow the recipe for a simple and transparent way of managing projects.


PM Guide – (1) Initiate the Project

  • (i) Get the Project Approved and Resources Allocated
  • (ii) Decide the Project Management Process
  • (iii) Create a Collaborative Project Site

PM Guide – (2) Plan and Setup the Project

  • (i) Plan the Project
  • (ii) Desk Check the Project Plan
  • (iii) Notify the Team of their Responsibilities

PM Guide – (3) Work on the Project

  • (i) Find Work
  • (ii) Do Work
  • (iii) Update Progress on work

PM Guide – (4) Track and Re-Plan the Project (continuously until project closure)

  • (i) Check and understand the project’s progress
  • (ii) Find and Manage Exceptions (e.g. issues, risks and change requests)
  • (iii) Re-Plan the project

PM Guide – (5) Close the Project

  • (i) Run Project Post-Mortem and Track Lessons Learnt
  • (ii) Close out the Project site
  • (iii) Capture any useful modifications made to the project site for use on future projects

And he does not stop here but continues with the guide into the depths of Project Management:


PM Guide – (6) Project Management and Your Leadership Style

They even provide you with the templates (for a price) or you can actually build your own.


PM Guide – (7) Collaborative Project Management Sites

PM Guide – (8) Exercise – Build Your Own Project Management Approach


Hope this will help people understand how they can use SharePoint for Project Management as for sure if you read this blog you already have SharePoint.

Not sure if you are aware but if you one of the very experienced Project Managers out there Microsoft Project (Server) does integrates nicely with SharePoint Server.


I recommend SharePoint for project management for one single reason(ok two): Visibility & Transparency.


Want to dig deeper into this world?

Book cover of SharePoint for Project Management

SharePoint for Project Management

How to Create a Project Management Information System (PMIS) with SharePoint

By Dux Raymond Sy
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Released: October 2008
Pages: 256