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BCS Model Receiver August 27, 2010

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BCS is now available in SharePoint 2010 at the Foundation level.
However seems that some people inside SharePoint team and Visual Studio team did not got the memo 🙂

The code to install the BCS model is only available inside a dll that is installed with the Standard/Enterprise edition of SharePoint 2010 Server.

I have just published a new project on CodePlex: that will install the missing code as a Farm feature and will permit to install your BCS Model feature correctly on any platform. It is a Farm feature that will ease the pain of deploying BCS Models inside SharePoint 2010 especially the Foundation.

The code used in this project was actually published by Microsoft at: The only thing I have done is to put it together as a reusable feature so you do not have to cut and paste the code in each of the project.

Now, to use this feature, there is a small tweak that the developer has to do in Visual Studio, and that is to reference the BCS Model Feature Class from this project.

How To Install:
Install the BCSmodelReceiver.wsp into the SharePoint 2010 Farm.
The BCSModelReceiver Feature will be automatically activated and ready for use.
 How to use it:
Now in Visual studio you have to change the Feature Receiver used for your Model under the properties:
Replace the existing value for the Feature Receiver property with: MFD.SharePoint.BDCModelReceiver.ImportModelReceiver, MFD.BCSModelReceiver, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e1e7a9e7f1c01c11
Now just build the WSP and deploy it in the FARM. It will automatically use this event receiver.
Plus optionally on the feature settings you can make your Model Feature depended on the BCSReceiver Feature ID=c1b3a659-a86e-4353-aad3-efe46cbbb4eb
NOTE: Once you  use this receiver you will have to deploy this feature in the Farm even if you are using SharePoint 2010 Standard/Enterprise.