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SPMySpace Instructions November 27, 2008

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I was asked to post a step by step instruction on how to use the Custom My Sites feature from codeplex.

So here they are:

1.) We need to add the solution to the solution store:

stsadm -o addsolution -filename SPMySpace.wsp


2.) After this we need to deploy the solution in Central Admin ->Operations-> Solution Management




After successful deployment of the solution you can se that MySite was replaced with MySpace link.

Now is the point where I need to stress out that this feature will replace the Out of the Box creation of MySite and if the user already have a MySite that will not be replaced.

Next we need to prepare the SharePoint Farm and configure what site we want to create for each user using the UserProfile.

3.) We create a user property in user Profiles (Shared Services Administration -> User Profiles and Properties-> Add Profile Property to store the Site Definition used to create a MySpace site:


We will be creating a new User Profile property named MySpaceTemplate of type string and length of 25 characters should be enough to store any site definition name. Check the “Do not allow users to edit values for this property” and make sure that “Show on Edit details page”, “Show Changes in the Colleague Tracker web part”, and “Indexed” are unchecked.

4.) Next We will need to change the Personal Site Property settings to Allow users to edit values for this property by making sure that “Allow users to edit values for this property” is checked.


Now that everything is prepared lets cut to the cheese and get some MySpace sites configured for our users.

5.) For this demonstration we will be using  three users: Approver, Reviewer, and Executive and set different site definitions for each.

a. First user will be the Approver and we will setup a Wiki Site as MySpace for this use using the WIKI#0 Site Definition. We need to edit the user  profile for this user and set MySpaceTemplate  to WIKI#0.


b. Second is the Reviewer and we want him to have a blog as MySpace site using BLOG#0 Site Definition. So we do this by filling the MySpaceTemplate text box with BLOG#0 for this user in Edit user Profile aspx page.


c. Now for the third user, the Executive, will let him have the Out of The Box MySite we can do this by leaving the MySpaceTemplate property empty.


6.) Now let’s see what happens when each of the users clicks the MySpace Link;

a. First one the Approver




b. Second one is the Reviewer




c. The last one is the Executive




So as you can see each user clicks on the MySpace link, a special MySpace.aspx page gets called and each user gets a different site created for him.

Please drop me a line with comments.