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SharePoint under the skirt April 23, 2009

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I usually ignore the results that are coming from MSDN when searching on Google for some information about SharePoint because many time I found that the level of documentation and the examples are very general and does not necessary take the real life issues in consideration.

However last night while looking for some info on how to store custom tables and data  inside the content databases stumble across one of the MSDN pages and open it.

Guess what, there it was, a lot of detailed information about how SharePoint communicate both internally and externally. Even found documentation on store procedures and their parameters that were considered a “Do Not Touch” area, at least until now.

Strange enough as I usually keep a watch the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog(actually is on my iGoogle page) I don’t recall reading anything about this.

To keep  this short here is the link: SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocol Documents

They are split in two groups:

  1. SharePoint Front-End Protocols for interaction between external applications and SharePoint. Here you will find information about Web Services, DBC, Search Services, Usage Analytics, Workflow, etc.
  2. SharePoint Back-End Protocols documenting the internal interaction between SharePoint modules as Index Propagation,  Store Procedures, User Profiles, Content Database Schema, etc.

Just by knowing the Front-End protocols opens a new avenue for integration between SharePoint and other applications, not even talking what you can do once when leveraging the Back-End protocols into your solution.