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TechEd 2012 Europe on Roku June 22, 2012

Filed under: Roku — fmuntean @ 9:40 pm

TechED 2012 Europe will start next week.

As I plan to watch the sessions on my TV I put together a Roku Channel for this event.

Looking at the channel status found that are over 30 people that read my blog and own a Roku themselves so I have publish this channel too.

To add it to your Roku device follow:

Currently only the Key Note from 2010 is live however I plan to update the channel once the videos are available. I will update this blog post to keep you informed when this happen.

As before If you have any comments please share them here.

[2012-06-27] Update: The videos are available now and I updated the channel so you can watch them on the TV.


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