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Is Active Directory a thing of the Past? February 3, 2012

Filed under: Question,SharePoint — fmuntean @ 9:56 pm

With the new information that we received lately from Microsoft I wonder if Active Directory will soon be a thing of the past.

Now let me explain why:

1. Windows Phone 7 already using Windows Live authentication

2. Windows 8 will introduce the possibility to log into the system using Windows Live account

3. Office 2010 and more Office 15 supports windows live

4. SharePoint 15 will support OAuth2 out of the box which is used by Windows Live


Currently everywhere I go I need a separate user name and password then sometime even security questions or captcha on top.

Will be a time when the true “Single Sign On” be a reality?

There is still a long path but I can see the future when we do not have to remember hundreds of passwords but just provide everybody with a unique identity “us”.


I’ll let you wonder and debate if that is what you want and/or needed. 


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