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OneNote and SkyDrive November 28, 2009

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[Update: 2010-06-10] The service is up and running. Now you can store and edit your OneNote Notebooks on You can easily create Onenote workbooks using OneNote by specify the location as Web.

[Update: 2010-06-07] (Added a work around for  getting an OneNote workbook created on SkyDrive.)

I am a big fan of OneNote application. currently I am storing my notes in SharePoint thus having them accessible everywhere I need them.

In the OneNote there is a new option to share your notes: Windows Live SkyDrive.

This option was not available in the Private Beta of Office 2010 and is still not functional in the Public Beta or the RTM version, see the picture:


However currently seems that the Live service supporting this feature is not available or enabled.

I will keep you posted when I get it working as this will improve my current sharing approach as I will not need to make sure that the notes are synced when I am home and I will be able to get to my notes, anywhere I want, anytime I want.

Microsoft have started the beta program for Office Online application on however OneNote is not available there either.


[Update: 2010-06-07]

Mike Plate have found found a way to access SkyDrive folders using WebDav which gives us the possibility to store the OneNote workbooks on the SkyDrive. You can read more about his approach here:

Another way to get the WebDav Url is to use Word or Excel then use “Share & Send” => Send to web to connect to SkyDrive. Select the SkyDrive folder then when you click “Save As” button the dialog will open using the WebDav url for the selected folder which you can copy in the clipboard.


In OneNote use File –> New –> Network. Then on the Network Location paste the WebDav url for the SkyDrive folder. This will create a workbook on SkyDrive.


Good luck and happy sharing!

Let’s hope that Microsoft will soon support sharing the OneNote workbooks on Live SkyDrive.


6 Responses to “OneNote and SkyDrive”

  1. Asit Aithal Says:

    Any idea when this will be available?

  2. Josh Says:

    so is this ever going to happen? this is really the only reason I wanted to upgrade to Office 2010 now it seems like the integration has been abandoned!

    do you have any idea if this is going to ever be completed?

  3. Oran Says:

    It’s now working for me as of today, without having to jump through any hoops.

  4. fmuntean Says:

    Please post your issue.
    It works fine for me and syncs but is very slow.
    I guess that will stop working the moment that I signout from the LiveID as I guess currently is using that cookie to authenticate.

    I remember that initially I had to sync few times.

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