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Monitor your SharePoint Farm June 12, 2008

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So you have installed SharePoint inside your organization. Now they asked you to maintain it.

The SharePoint Farm is made by many pieces and each of them have Log files that are stored into separate files and different formats.

To fully monitor your SharePoint Farm you would need to monitor all the pieces:

– Windows 2003 Event Logs

– SQL Server Log files

– IIS Log files

– SharePoint ULS Log files

– SharePoint Usage Logs if enabled

– SharePoint Indexing Logs.


There are two ways to monitor all this: Microsoft System Center

Operation Manager 2007 or by using the LogParser, a free tool from Microsoft, and a lot of scripting.



System Center Operation Manager 2007:

– Offers Management Packs for: Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, IIS, ForeFront Security, Computer Hardware.

– For a more detailed list of Management Packs available for S.C.O.M 2007 read here:

– If you want a headache free and supported solution the use SCOM 2007.


Log Parser:

– If you are on a tight budget or for a DIY administrator this is the alternative.

– Is a free utility from Microsoft that allows parsing and reporting of event logs and log files using a SQL like query language from command prompt.

– It is available for download at:

– By using this tool you can get most of the information necessary to investigate any issue into the SharePoint Farm and create reports and charts for monitoring the health of your Farm.

– You can monitor all the servers event logs, SQL server error logs, SharePoint Logs and IIS Logs and generate reports in an html format.


3 Responses to “Monitor your SharePoint Farm”

  1. MAPILab provides a very good SharePoint usage reporting solution: MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint. Detailed reports on visitors, documents, lists, search, etc. You can try its free trial version, or look through the online demo:

  2. Stasymuptums Says:

    Can you recommend the top-rated Remote Desktop script freeware?
    I did my research on the web and got the following:

    They all look different… Does anyone has experience with any of them?
    Also did anybody hear about that software:
    N-able managed service provider software ?

  3. fmuntean Says:


    Personally I use Terminals which is a CodePlex project.
    I would recommend you to look into it.

    N-able is more than a remote desktop access software. It is a Network Monitoring software.

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