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Disable Send welcome e-mail to the new users March 31, 2008

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In SharePoint when adding a new user to your site the check-box “Send welcome e-mail to the new users” is checked by default. This can be very annoying and personally I think that might count as spam when setting up multiple sites in SharePoint. (Usually adding the users happens before the sites are ready for the public use, and an official e-mail is sent later to announce the site when you are ready.)  I always find myself unchecking it so I started looking into ways to ease my life.

There is a easy way to disable this:

The page that controls this is in Layouts folder under the 12 Hive (as it is known by SharePoint admins). The page name is aclinv.aspx. I recommend creating a copy of the file before making any changes for backup purposes. You will need to modify just one line inside it.Starting at line 190 look for the following code:

Now all we need to change is the line: Checked=”True” to Checked=”False”.

Note: If you have multiple Web Front End Servers make sure that you change the file on all of them.


11 Responses to “Disable Send welcome e-mail to the new users”

  1. Jeff T Says:

    Thank you for posting this…I’ve been wondering the same thing, if that annoying checkbox could be turned off. Thanks for the solution…I’ll be trying this out on our dev box.

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  3. Pravin Says:

    Good post.. I tried setting bold font:

    <wssawc:InputFormCheckBox Font-Bold=”true” …

    But the checkbox text is not rendering in bold text. Any ideas?

  4. fmuntean Says:

    The InputFormCheckBox is a SharePoint control and they are applying some formatting by default.
    I would recomend to use the CssClass attribute to override the formatting.


  5. Peppe Says:

    Thanks for the useful input.
    Is there a way to disable the entire ‘Send Email” section in the Add User page?


  6. fmuntean Says:

    Hi Peppe,

    One simple way to “disable” (not showing the whole section) is to wrap it arround a hidden tag. Now this approach again will require you to modify the page on all your servers and is not the recomended way by Microsoft. Thus you will need to retest and reaply the fix after any update that will modify that page.

    To implement it the recommended way requires a lot of work and imply using a custom developed page that will be used insead of the system one. An HTTP module url revriter can be used to redirect to the custom page when the users try to get to the system page.


  7. Peppe Says:

    OK, thank you for the suggestions!

  8. Vicky Says:


    That was helpfull.



  9. Erwin Says:


    It was a pain in the ase for me



  10. 乳膠床墊 Says:

    Simply, one of the best article l have come across on this precious subject. I quite agree with your suppositions and will eagerly look forward to your forthcoming updates.

  11. Zubair Says:


    Is there a way that we can set up this feature to use in the sender field, the email address of the actual user who is granting the permission? It is using the same (common) email address for all alerts and this is causing a problem in the event of granting permission as the receipient responds to this common address (in case still access is denied on the link) instead of addressing the user who granted the permission.


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